ASRIE Analytica and Notizie Geopolitiche launched the SpecialEurasia, a geopolitical and Intelligence analysis platform whose purpose is to inform the Italian and foreign audience on local, regional, and international dynamics in Eurasia, produce news, reports, analysis and transform current events into valuable Intelligence for the decision-making process.

In 2020 ASRIE Analytica started SpecialEurasia as a trial project considering the numerous request for information and report on the Eurasian region. Since the beginning of our activities, we have focused on local and regional trends and dynamics. We have built a network of partners and contacts among international experts, scholars, politicians, diplomats, and business people sharing expertise and joint projects.

In 2021 ASRIE Analytica decided to enhance its range of activities, signing a partnership with Notizie Geopolitiche and realising SpecialEurasia. This project provides information, articles, analyses, interviews, and reports exclusively focused on Eurasia in Italian and English.

SpecialEurasia might be interpreted as the natural evolution of ASRIE Analytica. SpecialEurasia’s team comprises geopolitical analysts, editors, journalists, business and financial experts, and scholars willing to provide news, reports, analyses, and geopolitical forecasts that allow people to understand what is essential in the world.

SpecialEurasia publishes also Geopolitical Report [Online] ISSN 2532-845X, ASRIE Analytica’s magazine that hosts studies and contributions from our analysts, external experts, and international partners. We also use SpecialEurasia to advertise our training courses and events.

If you are interested in Special Eurasia, it is possible to ask for information or cooperation at the following email address info@specialeurasia.com.