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ASRIE Analytica provides researchers, scholars, Intelligence analyst, military experts, business consultants and practitioners active in global affairs with a forum to publish analysis on geopolitical issues, international affairs, security and investments opportunities. 

We invite analysts, academics of any educational and professional level (MA, PhD, Post-Doc and beyond), journalists, and experts from different sectors to submit papers on geopolitics, Intelligence, counter-terrorism, international affairs, market analysis and interfaith dialogue.

Articles must take the form of monitoring reports, analysis, or papers for Geopolitical Report (Online) ISSN 2532-845X that aim at investigating and predicting geopolitical events and future trends. Submission will be assessed based on how the documents sent will adhere to the format outlined below.

Monitoring (500-1,000 words)

A monitoring report investigates current geopolitical topic or issue and the impact on the international arena.  It should be concise and based on solid sources and describe why this topic or issue matters and how it might influence regional and international dynamics. This is the most common type of submission we receive at ASRIE Analytica.

Analysis (1,000-2,000 words)

It provides the same analysis of a monitoring report, but it goes a step further by predicting the likely course of future events based on the current situation. These articles consider the political, historical, sociocultural, economic, and/or military background of specific geopolitical topic or issues and forecast future trends based on the current events.

Geopolitical Report (Online) ISSN 2532-845X (2,500-5,000 words)

We publish reports whose goal is to provide in-depth analysis on a specific topic. Our publication Geopolitical Report aims at being characterized by a more Intelligence and analytical approach and methodology without forgetting the outstanding support and information that the world of academia and media might provide.

Formatting and editorial notes

  • The articles can be written in English and Italian even though we might consider other languages as French, Spanish, German and Russian.
  • You should submit articles in Word format, 1.5 spaced, Times New Roman 12
  • Articles should have an introduction paragraph, event and issues report, and a conclusion
  • Please include sources and references that support your article
  • Please only submit articles that have not been published elsewhere.

Though we are happy to consider any suitable article for publication, we do not remunerate outside submissions.  Please send all editorial-related inquiries and submissions to info@asrie.org.