Tag: psychological warfare

  • Coronavirus Pandemics, Huawei 5G Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Psychological Operations

    ASRIE Analytica has published the third volume of Geopolitical Report titled "Coronavirus Pandemics, Huawei 5G Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Psychological Operations" written by Professor Evgeny Pashentsev. The report analyses an example of high-tech psychological warfare, which is the communication control chains (CCCs) created by various actors within the framework of psychological warfare.

  • The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence and International Psychological Security

    ASRIE Analytica has released its first publication in 2020 dedicated to the Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence (MUAI) and the impact it might have on international psychological security. In this report, ASRIE Analytica decided to give the opportunity to some Russian researchers to describe their activities in Great Britain when they attended several events in the United Kingdom to focus the attention of the academic world and the media on MUAI and possible future consequences on the international psychological security.

  • Introduzione alla comunicazione strategica: definizioni e bibliografia

    La comunicazione strategica è oggigiorno argomento sempre più interessante nel panorama delle relazioni internazionali e della geopolitica. Questa disciplina permette al lettore di comprendere al meglio le dinamiche inerenti le strategie di propaganda e l'importanza dei canali di comunicazione il cui impatto a livello politico, economico e socioculturale è di notevole portata. ASRIE Associazione desidera fornire delle brevi definizioni in merito alla comunicazione strategica e letture utile per appforondire l'argomento.

  • ASRIE supported the seminar on international terrorism and psychological warfare organised in Moscow

    ASRIE supported the Seminar “Problems of the International Terrorism and Psychological Warfare in Contemporary World” organised by the Institute of Law and National Security of the National Security Faculty of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration in partnership with the International Center for Socio-Political Studies and Consulting (ICSPSC).