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  • ASRIE celebrates its 6th anniversary

    Our organisation is pleased to inform our friends and followers that today we are celebrating our 6th anniversary of activity.  This anniversary is an outstanding success because in six years we have created an important network of partners and sponsors, conducted projects and organised events in Italy and abroad.

  • ASRIE celebrates its 5th anniversary

    Today the Association of Studies, Research, and Internationalization in Eurasia and Africa celebrates its 5th anniversary of activities.  During these five years, our organization has accomplished its mission to improve its network of partners and sponsor and promote the international relations between Italy and foreign countries.

  • Our year in review

    We at the Association of Studies, Research and Internationalization in Eurasia and Africa would like to celebrate the end of 2017 with all our friends, supporters and partners. We consider this year a success in terms of activities and projects and we hope to continue and improve our work the next year and to enhance our cooperation with other partners.