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Why Belarus matters now? Minsk-Moscow crisis and the opportunities for EU and China

Russia, Belarus and the never-ending confrontation on oil supply. This is what we have read and monitored in newspapers since the beginning of the new year. Originally the situation looked like the classical back and forth which has characterized and classified Moscow – Minsk relations but soon it became an international issue which interested the Baltic republics, Ukraine, the Caucasus and the European Union.…Continue readingWhy Belarus matters now? Minsk-Moscow crisis and the opportunities for EU and China

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Kremlin closed Minkavaz. Is Russia changing its regional strategy?

The Russian president Vladimir Putin abolished the Ministry of North Caucasus Affairs established in 2014 to support the regional development. The functions of the ministry will be transferred to the Ministry of Economic Development. The abolition of this ministry might be considered part of the political-institutional reshuffle which Putin started in the Russian Federation. The consequences of this decision might directly affect the region and the Kremlin’s financial and political involvement in the North Caucasian dynamics.…Continue readingKremlin closed Minkavaz. Is Russia changing its regional strategy?

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Geopolitics of the Libyan crisis

The Libyan crisis directly interests Italy which in the last days tried to manage the escalation inviting in Rome Khalifa Haftar and Fayez al-Serraj without any success. In fact, the Italian attempt to conduct its personal diplomacy resulted in a disaster when al-Serraj refused to come to Rome as a sign of protest against the Italian government that since 2014 have supported Tripoli government and now with a late desperate move wants to protect its interests in North Africa creating a network of contact with the different Libyan local key actors as Haftar.…Continue readingGeopolitics of the Libyan crisis

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Comprendere il mondo musulmano: letture consigliate

Nella galassia della letteratura accademica, specialistica e di divulgazione sono diversi i libri che parlano di Islam, del mondo musulmano e di quelle aree di crisi come quella mediorientale e nord africana che oramai sono entrate del quotidiano di ognugno di noi. Noi di ASRIE abbiamo deciso di fornire alcune letture utili per iniziare a conoscere un mondo tanto dibattuto come quello musulmano.…Continue readingComprendere il mondo musulmano: letture consigliate