The hazardous choice of supporting Fayez al-Serraj

by Giovanni Giacalone

On June 18th Gen. Khalifa Haftar’s airforce raided a Mellitah Oil and Gas storage, owned by the Italian company ENI and by the Libyan NOC. According to the Libyan National Army, the site was targeted because the militias loyal to Fayez al-Serraj had stored weapons inside….

Kosovo, one of NATO’s closest allies with a jihadist issue

(The political map of Kosovo in the Balkans. Source: Voice of America)

by Giovanni Giacalone

At the end of May the authorities of Kosovo have launched a series of controversial actions in Serbian populated territory that have been seen by Belgrade as provocations in order to cause an escalation of violence, possibly by generating a Serbian reaction. Something which did not occur, as indicated by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic: “We don’t want to cause a war and we are protecting peace at all costs”….

How jihadists proliferate in the Libyan chaos

(Military situation in Libya April in 2019. Source: 21st Century Wire)

by Giovanni Giacalone

The current confrontation in Libya between general Khalifa Haftar’s forces and Fayez Al-Sarraj’s militias is a further phase of a conflict that has entered its 8th year after the overthrow of former leader Muhammar Ghedafi in 2011. A longstanding civil war that shows major international interference on behalf of Middle East actors on both sides as al-Sarraj’s forces are supported by Qatar and Turkey while Haftar is backed by UAE, Egypt and Saudi Arabia….