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Artsakh after the war: an interview with Armine Aleksanyan

After the recent conflict the situation in the Republic of Artsakh has dramatically changed. ASRIE Analytica met the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Artsakh, Armine Aleksanyan, to discuss the geopolitical and humanitarian consequences of the conflict from the perspective of the Stepanakert Government and prospect of foreign policy.…Continue readingArtsakh after the war: an interview with Armine Aleksanyan

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Conflitto del Nagorno-Karabakh: letture utili

ASRIE Analytica presenta alcune letture utili per aiutare a contestaulizzate quanto sta avvenendo nel Caucaso con lo scopo di comprendere le posizioni e la narrativa di Armenia e Azerbaigian e il perché il conflitto del Nagorno-Karabakh sia tanto importante quanto destabilizzante per gli equilibri dell’intera regione euroasiatica. …Continue readingConflitto del Nagorno-Karabakh: letture utili

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Russia wants to upgrade the port of Makhachkala

Russia plans to develop the infrastructure of the port of Makhachkala to transform the Dagestani capital in a logistic hub in the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus region and boost the socio-economic development.  Moscow’s desire to upgrade Makhachkala’s seaport and airport challenges the city of Baku and the Azerbaijani aim to become the Caspian interconnection.…Continue readingRussia wants to upgrade the port of Makhachkala