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  • ASRIE Analytica: our 2020 in review

    Our organisation wants to celebrate the last year of activities with our friends, partners, sponsors, and followers with the hope of beginning the next year with the same commitment. Although 2020 was an uncommon year because of the pandemic, ASRIE Analytica has improved its activities and projects and affirmed its presence in Italy and abroad.

  • Corso in Open Source Intelligence online a Settembre

    Il Centro Studi Roma 3000 e ASRIE Analytica presentano l’Edizione congiunta del Corso in Open Source Intelligence online aperto a tutti coloro che vogliono approfondire le tecniche e la conoscenza degli strumenti utili a realizzare attività di ricerca sulle fonti aperte sia a titolo di studio che operativo nei settori militare, aziendale e di indagine giornalistica.

  • Corso Open Source Intelligence e Geopolitica Online

    ASRIE Analytica e il Centro Studi Roma 3000 presentano l’edizione congiunta del corso di formazione in Open Source Intelligence & Geopolitica che si svolgerà online ed avrà come obiettivo quello di fornire una solida base teorica connessa ad esercitazioni pratiche per coloro che sono interessati al lavoro di analista OSINT.

  • The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence and International Psychological Security

    ASRIE Analytica has released its first publication in 2020 dedicated to the Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence (MUAI) and the impact it might have on international psychological security. In this report, ASRIE Analytica decided to give the opportunity to some Russian researchers to describe their activities in Great Britain when they attended several events in the United Kingdom to focus the attention of the academic world and the media on MUAI and possible future consequences on the international psychological security.

  • We are honoured to announce the beginning of ASRIE Analytica

    Today we start a new experience and project called ASRIE Analytica whose purpose is to guide people in the intrinsic and complex contemporary world through geopolitics and Intelligence analysis. ASRIE Analytica is a geopolitical platform sponsored and supported by Notizie Geopolitiche and managed by Giuliano Bifolchi. Our goal is to transform current events into valuable Intelligence for the decision-making process.