In order to understand better the current situation in Eurasia and Africa, the Association has created different projects with the aim of promoting the relations and mutual knowledge between Italy and foreign countries. On the one hand, the Association considers these projects as a bridge between different countries and societies; on the other hand, thanks to these projects we would like to give the opportunity to our partners, customers and supporters to better understand the current global challenges and threats, the world of international business, and the investment opportunities in the emerging markets.

Some of our projects, developed in partnership with Media agencies, private and public institutions and centres of studies, have produced reports and analysis published in our magazine Geopolitical Report.

At the moment we are managing the following research projects:

  • Focus ASEAN: this project aims at writing report and analysis on the South-East Asian countries which are becoming one of the most prominent economic markets in the world. Moreover, our Association seeks to create a network of contacts among foreign embassies and institutions in order to allow Italian companies to start their business in the ASEAN countries. At the beginning, this project was conducted in partnership with Notizie Geopolitiche (Italian Media agency), New Silk Road Agency (Italian firm specialised in investment opportunities abroad), and Paesi Emergenti (Italian portal specialised in international business).
  • Focus Russia:  Russia is a fundamental international actors in the international arena. For this reason, it is necessary to know and understand the Russia society and reality. This project aims at providing reports and analysis whose goals is that of improving the knowledge about Russia and boost the diplomatic relations between the West and the Russian Federation. As a vital and still unexplored market, one of the goals of the project is to investigate the investment and business opportunities in Russia through research activities, official visits and meetings with the representatives of the academic, entrepreneurial, and diplomatic worlds.
  • Speciale Iraq: thanks to its network of contacts in Iraq, especially in the Kurdistan Autonomous Region, the Association decided to start this project with the purpose of giving an overview of the country which has been facing ethnic, sociocultural and security problems. This project led to an official visit to the Iraqi Kurdistan in 2016 and allowed a team of experts and journalists to visit the front line where peshmerga forces were fighting against Daesh (well-known in the West as the Islamic State or ISIL). Our goal is to actively participate in the reconstruction of Iraq avoiding the mistakes made in the past which led to the rise of the Islamic State and the confrontation between Erbil and Baghdad.
  • Focus Sicurezza Libia: due to its strategic position in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea Italy is directly involved in the Libyan events and has been affecting by the degradation of the North African country. Terrorism, the huge flux of migrants from the African continent to Italy are some of the main problems which are affecting the “Bel Paese”. This project would like to analyse the current political, economic, social and security situation of Libya with the purpose of evaluating in which way the Italian government could interact with the Libyan key players and contrast the rise of terrorist groups.
  • Doing Business Caucasus: the Caucasus region could be considered a bridge between Europe and Asia and the Orthodox Christian and the Muslim worlds. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, this area has experienced a transformation which led to the creation of three independent republics in the south (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia). At ASRIE we strongly believe that this region has the potential (natural resources, logistic hubs) to become one of the most strategic areas in the world of geopolitics, energy and economy. Due to this belief, this project would like to promote the Caucasus and its investment opportunities thanks to research activities, conferences, workshops and meetings.
  • Doing Business On the Silk Road: we decided to start this project because of the Belt and Road Strategy promoted by the Chinese government, also known as the New Silk Road, which interests Eurasia and Africa. This project aims at studying the Chinese strategy and the business opportunities for foreign actors and focuses its main attention on Central Asia and the Caspian Sea area. This project allowed in the past to organise dedicated conferences and workshop with foreign representatives and Italian businessmen and companies interested in finding new markets where investing or exporting their products and services.
  • Terrorism and Security: the 21st century has been characterised by the terrorist threat which could be labelled as the most dangerous challenge for the contemporary world. Terrorism is not only a phenomenon related to the Middle East or North Africa but with the rise of the Islamic State has become a serious global threat. This project would like to study the political, sociocultural and economic reasons which have led to the creation of terrorist groups and their affirmation in specific regions.
  • North Europe: commercial and cultural hub: Brexit has changed the configuration of the North Europe, a region which has a strategic role as a commercial and cultural hub. We believe that Italian companies should be more present in the North European market which it is interconnected with the North American market and, in some occasions, with the Russian Federation. Due to this idea, this project aspires at creating a bridge between the South and the North of Europe through a mutual understanding and the establishment of a platform where different actors from the world of diplomacy, business and education could cooperate.

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