Our people

Since the beginning of our activity, we have developed a network of analysts, consultants, partners, and experts who share the same commitment to supporting the decision-making process and providing actionable Intelligence for private and public actors.

We have a core group that work on our projects and activities and external contributors and analysts who have provided their expertise and analysis on specific issues since the beginning of our work and projects. 

Meet the heart of ASRIE Analytica

Giuliano Bifolchi has vast experience in Intelligence analysis, geopolitics, security, conflict management, and ethnic minorities. He holds a PhD in Islamic history from the University of Rome Tor Vergata, a master’s degree in Peacebuilding Management and International Relations from Pontifical University San Bonaventura. He has organised working visits and official mission in the Middle East, North Africa, and the post-Soviet space and has supported the decision-making process of private and public institutions writing reports and risk assessments. He has written several academic papers on geopolitics, conflicts, and jihadist propaganda. He is the author of the book Geopolitical del Caucaso russo. Gli interessi del Cremlino e degli attori stranieri nelle dinamiche locali nordcaucasiche (2020).

Enrico Oliari is a journalist and geopolitical analyst who has paid several visits to the Middle East and North Africa to understand the roots of the socioeconomic and security problems and the impact of domestic and international policies on these regions. Since 2011 he is the Editor-in-Chief of the Italian media agency Notizie Geopolitiche. He is also the author of several books and researches.

Silvia Boltuc is an analyst who has developed her experience in oil & gas pipelines, nuclear power plants, and chemical engineering connected to the world of international relations and geopolitics.  Since the beginning of her career, she has paid working visits abroad to enlarge her contacts among local companies and official representatives and collect information and data to produce reports. Currently, she is running the special program ‘Eurasian energy market’ at ASRIE Analytica. She is also the director of the department Energy and Engineering at CeSEM – Centro Studi Eurasia Mediterraneo. 

Gerardo Ferrara has worked in international relations, media, and business with special attention to the Middle East and the Mediterranean countries. He holds an M.A. in Political Science and Government at the University of Naples “L’Orientale”, where he mastered Arabic and Hebrew. In the last years, he has often travelled to the Middle East to understand the local dynamics and the cohabitation/confrontation among different ethnic minorities and religious communities.

Abu Bakr Thawabe is an Arab businessman and analyst who has worked and lived among Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Apart from being a consultant for an IT company based in the Gulf, he has written reports and risk assessments for private companies interested in doing business in the Arab-Muslim world.

External contributors and authors

ASRIE Analytica provides researchers, scholars, Intelligence analysts, military experts, business consultants and practitioners active in global affairs with a forum to publish analysis on geopolitical issues, international affairs, security and investments opportunities.  If you want to collaborate with us providing your expertise, articles and reports, visit our section Write for Us.

Alessandro Tibaldi is a geologist, holds a PhD in Earth Science and has managed several NATO projects for the Science for Peace and Security Program. Professor in structural geology and Rector’s Delegate for International Affairs with the United States at the Bicocca University of Milan, Coordinator for the Internationalization of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences for the Graduate Faculty of Michigan Technological University (United States). President of the Committee of National Representatives of the International Lithosphere Program, author of 3 scientific books and more than 130 academic articles, member of the Editorial Board of Frontier in Earth Sciences and Journal Global and Planetary Change.

Ali Reza Jalali is a researcher and political analyst specialised in Iran, the Middle East and the Arab-Muslim world. He works as a professor in Public Law at the Iranian University of Damghan. He is also the director of the department Iran at CeSEM – Centro Studi Eurasia Mediterraneo and author for Eurasia-Rivista di Studi Geopolitici

Amedeo Maddaluno holds a degree in Economy and an M.A. in Human Resources and Management. He has worked for different think tanks and centre of studies writing articles on international business and geopolitics. 

Anders Björklund holds a degree in Foreign Languages and an M.A. in Translations. He lives between Italy and the Scandinavian Peninsula. He speaks fluently Italian, English, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish. In love with geopolitics and international relations, he has written articles and reports on trends and issues related to the Scandinavian countries. 

C. Alessandro Mauceri is a geopolitical analyst and editor of several publications and books specialised in economy and management, education and training, and development projects. Among his publications, there are analysis and reports on the impact of geopolitics on society, the management of the humanitarian crisis, the rise of poverty and the illegal labour force linked with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. He is also a member of the editorial board of the Italian media agency Notizie Geopolitiche.

Emanuele Cassano is an analyst specialised in the Caucasus. He holds a degree in International Science from the University of Turin. Since 2012 he has been an editor at East Journal, while since 2014, he worked as the magazine coordinator. 

Emanuele Pietrobon graduated in International Science, Development and Cooperation at the University of Turin with an experimental thesis entitled “The Art of Secret War”, focused on the creation of, and defence from, controlled chaos. At the same university, he specialises in Area Studies and Global Development Cooperation, focusing on the ex-Soviet world. His main fields of interest are the geopolitics of religion, hybrid wars and Russian wars and the Russian world, which have led him to study, work and do research in Poland, Romania and Russia.

Evgeny Pashentsev is a leading researcher at the Diplomatic Academy, Moscow. He is a member of the International Advisory Board of Comunicar (Spain). Evgeny Pashentsev is the author/ editor of 39 books and more than 170 academic articles published in Russian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Serbian, Bulgarian, and Vietnamese. He has presented papers at more than 190 international conferences and seminars for the last 20 years in 24 countries. His areas of research interest include strategic communication, advanced technologies and social development, malicious use of artificial intelligence and international psychological security.

Federico Pasquaré Mariotto is an Associate Professor at the Department of Theoretical and Applied Sciences of the University of Insubria in Varese, where he teaches Environmental Hazard Communication, Scientific Communication and Volcanic Processes. The author of more than 50 academic articles published in international peer-review journals is President of the “GeoSocial – Science & Media” Association dedicated to Geoscience Communication.

Gennadi Magomedov is a specialist in the former Soviet republics. He studied economics and international business and started his career as an energy analyst focused on Eurasian oil and gas pipelines and industries. 

Giorgia Pilar Giorgi is an analyst and researcher about Energy Security and Unresolved Conflicts in the South Caucasus, Research Fellow of the Azerbaijan International Development Agency (AIDA). She holds a Master of International Relations and Strategic Studies from the Roma Tre University.

Luca Garruba graduated in Law from the University of Roma Tre, and he is specialised in the law of emerging and Asian countries. He is the founder of the web portal Paesi Emergenti where he currently carries out strategic consultancy activities for companies wishing to invest in emerging realities.

Massimo Pascarella holds a degree in Political Science and International Relations and a Master of Arts in Intelligence Analysis and non-conventional conflicts. He writes for the national Bolivian newspaper El Deber. He works for different Italian think tanks reporting and investigating conflicts, foreign policy and international relations in the Middle East and jihadist terrorist groups’ activities. 

Riccardo Allegri graduated in Political Science of International Studies at the University of Bologna, and he recently obtained a master’s degree in International Studies at the University of Pisa. He has written several articles and reports about international affairs and politics for different media agencies and think tanks. He is specialised in Russia and the post-Soviet space; he can speak Russian. 

Valentino De Bernardis graduated in International Science and Diplomacy; he analyses the Balkans, the Sub-Saharian Africa, focusing on political movements, domestic and foreign policy and security. He is the author of the book L’ultima colonia italiana in Africa.