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Geopolitical Intelligence

ASRIE Analytica utilises a combination of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Human Intelligence (Humint) to provide clients with actionable intelligence, allowing them to understand better current threats and geopolitical risks that might endanger their activities or organisation.

Geopolitical intelligence is valuable intelligence that allows people, organisations and companies to protect themselves and their associates from potential threats by accelerating their decision-making process thanks to customised reports based on OSINT and Humint. Undeniably, the current world has a plethora of geopolitical risk factors challenging organisations. ASRIE Analytica aims at supporting people and organisations to manage and mitigate different threats within the context of their crisis management policies and procedures.

We live in an interconnected world characterised by many risk factors coming from the peculiarities and local dynamics of countries and regions where people and organisations are based, but also from external competitors and public and private driven forces. It is undeniable that in the 21st century is essential to understand potentialities and threats thanks to rigorous and constant monitoring and analysis activities that ASRIE Analytica conducts to any risks that might seriously damage people, organisations and enterprises.

In our geopolitical risk analysis and forecasting, we underline constraints, imperatives, opportunities and threats valuable to understand what will happen next, adopting a multidisciplinary approach linking intelligence and geopolitical analysis methodologies.

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