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Country Risk Analysis

ASRIE Analytica supports private and public companies and institutions by providing Country Risk Analysis. This document helps understand a target country from different points of view and underline risk levels and business opportunities.

A Country Risk Analysis is a paper that delivers information on the geography, history, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues of a specific country. It is elaborated using open sources and local contacts and includes political, historical, physical and economic maps. It is possible to tailor the Country Risk Analysis according to the needs, giving more attention to business opportunities, governance, political environment, and security threats.

Our Country Risk Analysis might cover the following topics:

  • Political, business and security risks
  • Analysis of legal and regulatory environments, political rivalries and any potential instability in the region
  • Review of communities and groups at the local level and cultural risks
  • Legislation, regulation and local and international pressure groups.

People and entrepreneurs need valuable Intelligence to access new and emerging markets or conduct their activities in a foreign environment. Our Country Risk Analysis balances pros and cons and illustrates which geographical areas offer potentially very profitable rewards and which areas might shortly face instability, political crisis or security threats.

We do not limit our activity to writing the document because, for ASRIE Analytica, our platform’s connection and collaboration with people are fundamental and essential. Therefore, we support people also with follow-ups, updates, and meetings (in person or online).

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