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ASRIE Analytica is a geopolitical analysis platform that aims to transform current events into valuable Intelligence for the decision-making process, avoiding rumours and insignificant information to provide reports and insights to understand current dynamics and future trends better.

ASRIE Analytica has a particular method based on geopolitics and Intelligence analysis which underlines the political, economic, military and geographic dimensions and the imperatives and constraints of the nations. ASRIE Analytica is non-ideological and conducts activities and projects without bias or prejudices regarding countries.

ASRIE Analytica provides geopolitical forecasts that allow people to understand what matters in the world, avoiding rumours and speculations. We support people in monitoring and understanding current events and transform information into valuable Intelligence to reduce risk and maximise investments.

ASRIE Analytica might be interpreted as a support/guide to navigating the future. ASRIE Analytica was founded in 2013 when a team of experts and analysts decided to cooperate together to produce reports and analyses and establish an international network of contacts and partners. During the years, ASRIE Analytica had evolved and developed its methodological approach until 2022 when our team transformed the structure of ASRIE Analytica, adapting the platform to current challenges. Although ASRIE Analytica is a Rome-based company, the platform has an international team working from different cities and countries. Therefore, we have no office because we prefer to invest in people and cooperation.

If you are interested in our work, it is possible to contact ASRIE Analytica at the following email address