The Association has established an Open Source Intelligence Unit (OSINT Unit), a team of experts in the field of Intelligence, security and geopolitics whose aim is to provide reports and analysis regarding current trends in the international arena and business opportunities.

Open Source Intelligence could briefly be defined as a form of Intelligence collection management that involves finding, selecting, and acquiring information from publicly available sources and analysing it to produce actionable Intelligence.

Our OSINT Unit can provide different kinds of reports and information for the decision making process. Our work might be divided into the following steps or activities:

  1. Collection of data and potentially useful information from news media, grey literature and Social media (acquisition, retention).
  2. Processing the information (translation, aggregation) in order to validate the information and making it usable.
  3. Analysis of sources and information (authentication, contextualising) to determinate whether the information has a specific value and can be used for our mission/goal.
  4. Production of a report (classification, dissemination) which will be used by a consumer or client from the private or public sectors.

For further information about the OSINT unit, its activities and the possibilities to join the team, please contact our Staff at the e-mail address info@asrie.org.