About us (English version)

ASRIE – Association of Studies, Research and Internationalization in Eurasia and Africa is an Italian organization founded in July 2013 with the aims at promoting international relations and business among Italy and foreign countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

The Association is the result of shared experience and knowledge by professionals, geopolitical analyst, journalists, businessman and scholars willing to promote the intercultural exchange between Italy and the countries in the Eurasian Region and Africa, creating a link among the world of Business, Academy and Research.

Precisely, ASRIE aims at:

  • Promoting the political, cultural, economic and touristic activity between Italy and the Countries in the Eurasian and African regions;
  • Illustrating and deepening the knowledge of the historical, economic, political and social image of these countries in Italy in order to stipulate Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Governments and Citizens;
  • Supporting and promoting political and cultural events aimed at increasing the interchange between the Educational Institutions, facilitating the cohesion between Italian students and those of the Foreign Countries, in collaboration with public or private bodies;
  • Organizing conferences, lectures, discussion panels, training courses and other cultural and sporting events aimed at strengthening the growth of relations between Italy and foreign Countries in the field of politics, economics, culture, tourism;
  • Collecting and updating the ongoing laws and legal matters of common interest between Italy and the foreign Countries;
  • Submitting to the competent authorities of the Countries the problems concerning the development of economic and cultural relations, suggesting all the appropriate measures;
  • Writing and providing studying and research materials, audiovisual products concerning history, politics, culture, tourism, economy of Italy and the foreign Countries;
  • Organizing courses of Italian Language and Italian Culture abroad and vice – versa;
  • Developing Students Exchanges;
  • Arranging trips to / from Foreign Countries and Italy for Institutions, researchers, students, entrepreneurs, journalists.

Thanks to a specialized network of contacts, ASRIE is able to support and run research projects abroad, helping the SMEs ( Small – Medium Enterprises) in their path towards the foreign market.

ASRIE has developed a network of partners among the world of Media & Communication, International Business, Center of Studies, and specialized organizations in order to promote its activities, events and projects.

Activities and events

In October 2013 ASRIE organized its first event “Country Presentation: Abkhazia and Chechnya” in partnership with CeSEM – Center of Studies Eurasia Mediterranean Sea and Confindustria Piacenza.

In February 2014 ASRIE organized a conference titled “The New Silk Road 2.0” in partnership with the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Italy, Eurasia – Rivista di Studi Geopolitici and CeSEM – Center of Studies Eurasia Mediterranean Sea.

In February 2016 ASRIE organized the “Report on-the ground in Iraqi Kurdistanin partnership with Notizie Geopolitiche collecting information and data, meeting Government’s representatives and members of the military staff.

In May 2016 ASRIE participated as organizer at the conference “From Lisbon to Vladivostok: Italy among the European Union, Russia and Eurasia” in partnership with Centro Studi Sviluppo Società, Russian in Translation, RIM, OTRA-Associazione Viaggiatori.

In September 2016 ASRIE organised the specialization course “Open Source Intelligence: theoretical and practical guidelines to become an OSINT analyst” with the aim at promoting the discipline of Open Source Intelligence in Italy.

In November 2016 ASRIE participated as partner at the conference “Islamic State: the genesis of terror” organised by Associazione Raetica. The conference focused the attention on the historical and political causes which allowed the birth and raise of the Islamic State and the future geopolitical developments.

Projects and Reports

Currently ASRIE is managing seven different projects of research and analysis:

  1. Focus ASEAN
  2. Focus Russia
  3. Special Iraq
  4. Focus Security Libya
  5. Doing Business Caucasus
  6. Doing Business On the Silk Road
  7. Northern Europe: cultural and commercial hub

These projects and activities has allowed ASRIE to publish the following report:

  1. Report Libia febbraio 2015 – marzo 2016
  2. Report Russia 2016
  3. Report Kurdistan Iracheno
  4. Report ASEN
  5. Report Daesh: birth and evolution of the Islamic State
  6. Report Jihad in Africa: groups, links and affiliations
  7. Report Iranian Nuclear Deal in the Trump Administration’s Foreign Policy