About us

Welcome to ASRIE Analytica

ASRIE Analytica aims at guiding people in the intrinsic and complex contemporary world through the geopolitical lens and Intelligence analysis.

ASRIE Analytica is a geopolitical analysis platform whose aim is to transform current events into valuable Intelligence for the decision-making process.

Our goal is to interpret what is happening in the world filtering the amount of data and information which we consider not important in order to understand the contemporary international system and forecast future developments.

We have a long tradition because our platform is the result of the extended experience and track records in the world of research, internationalization and consulting thanks to our previous project known as the Association of Studies, Research and Internationalization in Eurasia and Africa (ASRIE) founded in July 2013.

ASRIE Analytica might be interpreted as the natural evolution of the previous organization and it is the result of shared experience and knowledge by geopolitical analysts, businessmen and scholars willing to provide geopolitical forecasts that allow people to understand what is important in the world.

We are based in Rome, but we have developed a specialized international network of contacts which supports our Open Source Intelligence and Human Intelligence activities with the aim of understanding the complex picture of the international system.

Our goal is to release reports and analysis which give essential information avoiding any ‘rumours’ with the purpose of making the world understandable. Because we aim at analysing and reporting only those events and information that matter ASRIE Analytica does not publish every piece of information.

We have also our publication titled Geopolitical Report [Online] ISSN 2532-845X inherited from the previous experience and project. The mission of this publication is to hosts analysis and contribution from our experts and international partners.

If you are interested in our work, it is possible to contact ASRIE Analytica at the following email address info@asrie.org