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Humanitarian situation in Afghan territories under the Taliban

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Afghanistan’s humanitarian and security situation has been alarming the international community since the Taliban started their offensive and gained power in some districts where they are applying their vision of shari’a.

Government officials shared details about the Taliban’s atrocious conduct and brutal practices in areas where they have taken control.

Though the Taliban have orchestrated to portray that they have changed after attending peace negotiations, several videos and pictures clearly reveal the Taliban’s true intent, behaviour, and the world they are determined to make for the citizens.

The Taliban’s behaviour clearly indicates their vision and ambition for the return of an Emirate with no difference whatsoever from the 90s. The Taliban’s action in areas under their control has shown that basic human rights are not a matter of concern. For instance, the Taliban have issued new laws and regulations in recently captured districts in the north-eastern province of Takhar, ordering women not to leave home alone and men to grow beards. They have also undertaken arbitrary killing of civilians.

Since their latest offensive, the Taliban have destroyed 260 public institutions, 4000 displaced public servants, and around 50,000 public servants face an uncertain future. In total, around 13 million Afghan citizens are affected. Female public servants were banned from work in the Taliban’s occupied territories. In general, approximately USD 100 million in infrastructure damage. In total, 270,000 Afghan civilians were displaced (UNHCR, 2021).

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All viewers are warned that these images contain violent material that may be traumatizing to some audiences. The viewer’s discretion is advised.

Taliban members tie an Afghan civilian upside down by his feet until he died. The Afghan man was heading to his home. The Taliban forbid the people from burying the body of an innocent man.

Taliban members forcibly tie up two government officers from Kandahar’s Spin Boldak Customs Department and then shot them.

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