Iran and Tajikistan expand their cooperation in the security sector

The recent meeting between the Tajik President and the Iranian Interior Minister underlines Tehran’s regional strategy in Central Asia based on cultural diplomacy, economic investments, and cooperation in the security field.

On February 23rd, Tajik President Emomali Rahmon received Iranian Interior Minister Abdurrizo Rahmonia Fazli. The parties discussed the main issues of further development of interstate cooperation in the field of security. During the talks, the two parties stressed that over 160 documents were signed between the countries, including a memorandum of understanding of the methods and framework of bilateral ties in the security sphere.

During the meeting, it was emphasised the importance of further expanding the partnership between the Ministries of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan and Iran through the implementation of the provisions of the document previously signed between the relevant state departments. Emomali Rahmonand Abdurrizo Rahmonii Fazli focused the attention on regional security and issues of strengthening geopolitical competition.

Why this matters? Iran has always shown its interest in Central Asian dynamics considering the strategic importance of this region and Tajikistan, due to its linguistic and cultural proximity to Iran, is traditionally one of the key vectors of Iranian diplomacy. Consequently, Iran might exploit the fact that Tajiks and Persians are part of the so-called ‘Iranian world’ and the presence of Iranian companies and investments in the Tajik market to strengthen its role in the country and use this territory as a stepping stone to the entire Central Asia and also Afghanistan and China.