Our upgraded website reflects our geopolitical model

ASRIE Analytica launched its new website which reflects our personal geopolitical model and daily work. We believe in our concept of geopolitics and security, therefore we developed our personal working model which we considered the most necessary step to support public institutions and private companies in understanding current phenomena and future trends.

When we started working in the field of geopolitics, consulting, and Intelligence, we tried to create a platform useful for our network of contacts, partners, and followers. Day by day we had the opportunity to elaborate a specific database of criteria to select worthwhile information to support private companies and public agencies.  As we stated in our presentation ‘About us‘, our desire is to provide solid Intelligence for the decision-making process in the world of international relations, security, and economics. So, in our daily activities, we search, monitor, and collect open sources in different languages and from different countries to transform data and information into relevant Intelligence.

We consider Mahan’s Sea Power, Mackinder’s Heartland, and Spykman’s Rimland the guidelines of our activities. We cannot deny our commitment to researching and analysing Eurasia because we consider this macro area one of the most strategic zones in the world.

In this map, it is possible to see the importance of the post-Soviet space and Afghanistan and the interpenetration between Heartland and Rimland.

For this reason, during these years of work, we have enthusiastically shaped our platform and nowadays we are eager to present you our new website which we have adapted according to our geopolitical model. First of all, our geopolitical target is the post-Soviet space (especially the Caucasus and Central Asia) plus  Afghanistan, their connection with those superpowers (the United States, the Russian Federation, the European Union, and China) and regional players (Turkey, Iran, Pakistan) which are competing to become the most influential actor in the region. In our daily investigation, we also consider useful to delineate the connection among post-Soviet republics, Afghanistan, international and regional actors, and the Arab-Muslim World (especially Gulf countries, Syria, and Iraq). In fact, we agree with the idea that who controls Eurasia might influence the destiny of the world (or at least Europe, Asia, and the eastern part of Africa) and we believe that this macro area needs to be stable, safe, and immune from terrorism, criminal activities and inter-ethnic conflicts.

We also decided to dedicate part of our work to security because we think that jihadist propaganda, militant groups, criminal groups, and terrorist organisations are still one of the main threats in Eurasia. It is our opinion that only a better knowledge of this phenomena might predict and counter violent attacks and the spread of radicalisation and terrorism in this macro area.

We are not a media agency, therefore our goal is not to report everyday news and information about events. By contrast, we want to read behind the lines of every event and inspect a single case from different points of view.

We upgraded our website to make it more readable and easy-access and allow our followers and partners to know what matters in the field of geopolitics, international relations, and security in a concise and elegant way.