Crowdfunding ‘The Human Face of Terror’: a documentary from Afghanistan

ASRIE Analytica supports the crowdfunding project ‘The Human Face of Terror’ launched by Notizie Geopolitiche whose purpose is to organise a field mission in Afghanistan and report the current political, economic, and sociocultural situation in the country with special regards to the cohabitation among different ethnic groups.

In an era of clickbait, fake news and confusing reportages, we have decided to make a difference by exploring the true danger zones of our world in the name of freedom of information and quality service. This year we have decided to public and share our project ‘The Human Face of Terror’ which will lead us to Afghanistan in order to show the world the human side of one of the most feared cultures in the world: the Taliban.

Travelling to Afghanistan and venturing into the Taliban reality can and will be dangerous. For this reason, we started a crowdfunding project whose budget has been calculated considering the likelihood of accidents and unforeseen events. Our aim is to produce articles, photos, Intelligence reports and books regarding our experience in Afghanistan as we did in 2016 when a joint-team composed by members of Notizie Geopolitiche and ASRIE Analytica went to Iraqi Kurdistan and visited the front lines with peshmerga forces (for more information, read Geopolitical Report Vol. 3/2016 ‘Kurdistan iracheno. Report dalla linea del fronte; Report Kurdistan iracheno: interessi economici e scontri etnici le cause di un prossimo conflitto).  We should have everything ready to deliver by November 2020. We established that we should be able to respect the dates of November 2020 as the deadline for most rewards – should there be any delays, we will quickly inform you.

Who we are? An international team of journalists, reporters, geopolitical analysts who have travelled in different areas of the world to report the reality and allow the public opinion to better the now the situation in those crisis areas which are affecting the destiny of the world. Among us, it is possible to mention Enrico Oliari, editor-in-chief of Notizie Geopolitiche, Giuliano Bifolchi, co-founder and research manager at ASRIE Analytica, Sebastian Hidalgo, videomaker and reporter, Ehsan Soltani, Iranian geopolitical analyst, Massimiliano Lettieri, Massimo Gabbani, Mohamed Ben Abdullah, and Pietro Di Raimondo.

Why Afghanistan? Because this country matters for regional stability and plays a fundamental role in the international arena. Indeed, nowadays superpowers as the United States, the Russian Federation and China are trying to control or influence the local dynamics with the purpose of controlling a strategic area which links the entire Asian continent and is rich of natural resources. Although the United States and the NATO Resolute Support Mission have strived to stabilize the country, Afghanistan is still an unsafe place where local military and police force supported by the international coalition forces are facing and fighting the Taliban with serious consequences on civilians (read more Taliban attacks increased in Afghanistan in the last quarter of 2019).

It is possible to contribute to this project donating money at the following link: Kickstarter ‘The Human Face of Terror’.

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