Our 2019 in review

Our organisation is enthusiastic to celebrate the last year of activities and successes and we would like to thank all our friends, colleagues and partners for their support and cooperation. The Association of Studies, Research and Internationalization in Eurasia and Africa considers 2019 an outstanding year characterised by several events, activities and projects and we look forward to continuing our work the next year.

After six years of activities and projects (ASRIE celebrated its 6th anniversary), we can consider ourselves a fruitful organisation whose purpose is to create a link between Italy and foreign countries through a various range of tasks.  We believe in partnership and cooperation and also this year we reached some important deal in this sector as the media partnership with Defense Romania, a Romanian agency specialised in providing information, news, interviews, reports, and analysis on the military sector (ASRIE signed a media partnership agreement with Defense Romania).

We are always active in training and education and this year we reached an agreement with the Italian think tank Centro Roma 3000 to organise a course on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) on January 2020, 11-12 as part of our activities (Aperte le iscrizioni per il Corso OSINT a Roma di ASRIE e Centro Studi Roma 3000). Since 2016 we have organised and provided training course on OSINT and Geopolitics because we believe in education and we would like to allow anyone is interested in the field of Intelligence and security to have access to good and affordable training.

Our events in 2019

In April 2019 ASRIE in partnership with the Italian academic association Ricerca Continua organised the seminar ‘Islam and counter-terrorism strategy in Russia‘ hosted by the Department of History, Cultural Heritage and Society of the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy of the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Professor Darya Bazarkina from the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) and Professor Maria Giovanna Stasolla from the University of Rome Tor Vergata were the guest speakers of the seminar whose purpose was to underline terrorist threats in Russia and the Kremlin’s strategy to contrast radicalisation and jihadist propaganda (Seminar “Islam and counter-terrorism strategy in Russia”: summary)

Giuliano Bifolchi, OSINT Unit director of ASRIE, Professor Darya Bazarkina from RANEPA and Professor Maria Giovanna Stasolla from University of Rome Tor Vergata during the seminar on Islam and counter-terrorism in Russia

In July 2019 our organisation was among the supporters and media partners of the panel discussion ‘Malicious use of Artificial Intelligence and international psychological security’ of the UNESCO Conference in Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia) and the research seminar on Artificial Intelligence at the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. These events underlined the significant and strong network of partnerships and contacts which our team has developed during the years and our commitment to being an active sponsor of international conferences and forums (ASRIE supported the academic discussion in Khanty-Mansiysk and Moscow on Artificial Intelligence and international psychological security).

A picture from the UNESCO Forum in Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia)

Geopolitical Report in 2019

Our publication Geopolitical Report [Online] ISSN 2532-845X  marked its fourth year and we are proud of the work we have done and the different topics we have covered and analysed. In 2020 we would like to make some changes and arrangements to ‘institutionalise’ our publication and try to be ranked among open access journals. We hope our analysts and the entire community of scholars and experts will help us in our future goal and commitment.

In 2019 we decided to study the New Silk Road (especially after the Italian government signed a Memorandum of Understanding with China) and we published our first volume titled “Belt and Road Initiative: Security Issues, Investment Opportunities and Geopolitics”  whose purpose was to analyse the Chinese strategy to interconnect Europe and Asia underlining geopolitical problems and security challenges, possible investment opportunities and future political and economic trends (ASRIE published Geopolitical Report Vol.1/2019 “Belt and Road Initiative: Security Issues, Investment Opportunities and Geopolitics”).

In 2019 we also released a special volume of Geopolitical Report focused on North-South disparity and children condition which aimed at alarming the Italian community on the current situation of children in the world and the division between the North and the South. The publication, written in the Italian language and titled “I bambini, cartina tornasole dei fenomeni geopolitici del pianeta”, highlighted that child mortality, difficulties in growth, poor education and training, lack of water resources are problems which the governments have never really wanted to resolve or consider (ASRIE released a special volume of Geopolitical Report focused on North-South disparity and children condition).

For our third volume, ‘we came back to Asia’ because our organisation considered this continent a potential market rich in investment opportunities. Therefore, Geopolitical Report Vol.3/2019 titled “Future challenges and economic trends in Asia” wanted to focus the attention on specific topics and upcoming events and challenges in Asia and aimed at creating the starting point for future in-depth research (ASRIE published Geopolitical Report Vol.3/2019 “Future challenges and economic trends in Asia”).

Our last publication in 2019 focused the attention on Russia-European Union relations that have become worse after the Ukrainian crisis pushing Brussels in the arms of the United States and Moscow in those of Beijing. The fourth volume titled “Russia-EU Confrontation/Collaboration and Future Challenges” was released in December and wanted to analyse recent events which have characterised the relations between Moscow and Brussels and evaluating possible future development and challenges (ASRIE published Geopolitical Report Vol.4/2019 “Russia-EU Confrontation/Collaboration and Future Challenges”).

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Thanks for your support, we look forward to working harder and better in 2020 and reaching outstanding goals!

It is hard to decipher or predict future trends and challenges but at ASRIE we believe that we can change this world and make it better thanks to hard work and collaboration. In 2020 we would like to devote our time and efforts to improve our relations with foreign partners and institutions, try to make our publication Geopolitical Report more open access and friendly user enhancing its topics and analytical perspectives, and organise at least a couple of official visits/missions abroad!

We strongly hope you, dear friends, could be part of our future projects and team and make the difference together.

Thanks again for your support, collaboration and participation in our projects. Our team wish you an enjoyable and prosperous 2020!

*For further information about our organisation, events, activities, training courses and possible cooperation, please contact our team at info@asrie.org