ASRIE released a special volume of Geopolitical Report focused on North-South disparity and children condition

The Association of Studies, Research and Internationalization in Eurasia and Africa published the second volume of Geopolitical Report titled “I bambini cartina tornasole dei fenomeni geopolitici del pianeta” a monography dedicated to the childhood condition in the world and the huge disparity between the North and the South.

The author C. Alessandro Mauceri underlines in this volume of Geopolitical Report that despite all the promises made and the measures taken at international level it is clear that the world is divided into two parts: the North, where the most ‘developed’ countries are located (although unable to understand or admit that their development is causing enormous damage to the environment) with great industrial and technological capacity, different services for the citizen and a widespread well-being. The South of the world, often rich in resources but lacking in knowledge and an industrial apparatus to exploit them and in which most of the population lives in inhuman conditions. According to Mauceri, if the international community and foreign governments have really been taken measures to fill this gap, this huge imbalance between the North and the South of the world would no longer exist today. Child mortality, difficulties in growth, poor education and training, lack of water resources and all the problems seen before show that “we have never really wanted to eliminate or, at least, reduce the gap that exists between North and South and guarantee a true future for children of the South of the planet“.

It is possible to read and download the first volume of Geopolitical Report at the following link: “I bambini cartina tornasole dei fenomeni geopolitici del pianeta

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