ASRIE signed a media partnership agreement with Defense Romania

The Association of Studies, Research and Internationalization in Eurasia and Africa signed a media partnership agreement with Defense Romania, a portal specialised in the field of the defence industry, geopolitics and Intelligence. This media partnership is the first step to further development in the area of cooperation with our Romanian colleagues.

Defense Romania is an online publication specialised in the defence industry, Intelligence, military technology, politics and relevant events in these sectors. The portal’s audience is mainly professionals, experts and decision-makers although the site is equally accessible to the general public providing information, news, interviews, reports and analysis on the armed forces, defence industry, cyber security, strategic decisions, counter-terrorism, and military history.

Our organisation decided to start this media partnership agreement because of Defense Romania’s high standards in analysis and reporting. We believe this partnership can improve ASRIE’s knowledge in the field of security, defence and military strategies in the Balkans and open different opportunities in the region.