2018 in review: a year of successful events, activities and projects

We at the Association of Studies, Research and Internationalization in Eurasia and Africa would like to celebrate the end of 2018 with all our friends, supporters and partners. We consider this year a success regarding events, activities and projects, and we hope to continue and improve our work the next year and to enhance our cooperation with other partners.

We consider 2018 a particular year because we celebrated our 5th anniversary of activities.  During these five years, our organisation has accomplished its mission to improve its network of partners and sponsor and promote the international relations between Italy and foreign countriesAmong some achievements we have reached in five years of activities, it is possible to cite the participation and support to different events (conferences, seminars, workshops) in Italy and abroad, the creation of our publication Geopolitical Report, the creation of training courses in Open Source Intelligence and Geopolitics and the organisation of official visits abroad. We are still running our projects trying to create a network of partners in the field of geopolitics, diplomacy, international relations, business and education with the purpose of building a ‘bridge’ between Italy and foreign countries.

Partnership and training courses

In April our organisation signed a partnership agreement with the European Russian Communication Management Network (EU-RU-CM Network) and the Russian – Latin American Strategic Studies Association (RLASSA) with the aim at improving its knowledge, activities and projects in the field of international relations, geopolitics and strategic communication. Our organisation considered important its partnership with EU-RU-CM Network due to the fundamental role played by communication and media in geopolitics, diplomacy, business, security and society (Read more: ASRIE reached partnership agreements with EU-RU-CM Network and RLASSA).

Our training course in Open Source Intelligence & Geopolitics gained popularity and achieved outstanding success also in 2018, and more people have shown their interest. The mix between theory and practice together with the geopolitical arguments are the best formula, and for this reason, our training course might be considered at the top level in this field in Italy (Read more: ASRIE organizza a Roma la quarta edizione del Corso OSINT & Geopolitica – 4th edition Training Course in Open Source Intelligence & Geopolitics in Rome).

Our activities and events

Regarding the activities and events, we started on March 30th, 2018  when we supported together with the Russian – Latin American Strategic Studies Association (Moscow-Sao Paulo) the organisation of  the International Diplomatic Forum titled “New Challenges for Global Diplomacy: Confrontation or Dialogue?» at the the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation attended by members of the youth organization The Young Guard of United Russia and members of the Council of Young Researchers at the Diplomatic Academy of MFA. The meeting was attended not only by young researchers from Russia but also from other countries, especially Venezuela. The participants of the conference listened to expert assessments and took an active part in the subsequent discussion. (Read more: International Diplomatic Forum “New Challenges for Global Diplomacy: Confrontation or Dialogue?”: Expert Opinion)

On April 26th, 2018 our organisation was among the organisers of  the Roundtable “The Role of Public Diplomacy and Strategic Communication in Times of  Growing Confrontation” in partnership with the Advisory Committee on Humanitarian Cooperation, Rossotrudnichestvo Federal Agency, the European-Russian Communication Management Network (EU-RU-CM Network), the Institute of Contemporary International Studies at the Diplomatic Academy and the International Centre for Social and Political Studies and Consulting (ICSPSC). Russian and foreign experts attended the Round Table hosted at The Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and discussed with students the fundamental role of strategic communication and public diplomacy in the world of international relations with special attention to EU-Russia relations. (Read more: Roundtable “The Role of Public Diplomacy and Strategic Communication in Times of Growing Confrоntation”)

On October 3rd, 2018 our Association in partnership with the Centro Studi Eurasia-Mediterraneo (CeSEM), the Italian law firm Studio de Capoa and the Cultural Association Emilia Romagna-Russia organised the conference “Italy – Russia: economic and strategic communication” dedicated to practitioners, lawyers and experts in the field of business and investment. The event was an opportunity to analyse the current situation of the Italian-Russsian economic relations and the strategy to penetrate the Russian market and find business partners (Read more: Conference “Italy – Russia: economic and strategic communication” organised in Bologna)

    (Pictures of the conference organised in Bologna and attended by practitioners and experts in the field of international investments)

    On October 2nd, 2018 the institution Società Italiana per l’Organizzazione Internazionale organised the presentation of the book “Strategic Communication in EU-Russia Relations: Tensions, Challenges and Opportunities” attended by Professor Evgeny N.  Pashentsev from the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and Giuliano Bifolchi from the Association of Studies, Research and Internationalization in Eurasia and Africa. Students from the Master of Arts of Diplomacy and International Relations attended the event and discussed with the speakers the future challenges and possible solution of EU-Russia relations (Read more: Book presentation “Strategic Communication in EU-Russia Relations: Tensions, Challenges and Opportunities” in Rome).

      (Some moments during the book presentation)

      Our publication in 2018

      Since 2016 we have published our journal Geopolitical Report [Online] ISSN 2532-845X whose goal is to collect reports and analysis mainly in Italian and English produced by our research team and distribute scientific papers on geopolitics, history, economy, security, strategic communication and international relations. Also this year we were active in publishing our magazine concentrating our attention on Africa, psychological and information warfare, Eurasia and the Mediterranean area.

      Indeed, the first volume of Geopolitical Report was titled “Africa: current scenarios and future challenges” and aimed at underlining the current problems and main geopolitical trends of the African continent (Read Geopolitical Report Vol.1/2018 “Africa: scenari attuali e sfide future”).

      We considered our second volume a special edition because we hosted the research and analysis of Professor Evgeny N. Pashentsev from the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation who studied how the United States has used economic sanctions to counter their adversaries and introduced the point of view of the Russian Federation (Read Geopolitical Report Vol.2/2018 “Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act”: The Psychological Aspect”).

      The third volume was dedicated to the Eurasian continent with the purpose of analysing the current trends in the field of geopolitics, international relations, security and economy of Eurasia. We decided to focus our research and publication on Eurasia because around 5 billion people (75 per cent of the world population) live in this macro-region characterised by the significant presence of natural resources and influential political games and strategies perpetrated by local and international actors (Read Geopolitical Report Vol. 3/2018 “Geopolitics of Eurasia: international relations, security issues, and economic projects”).

      In October we released our last publication for 2018 dedicated to the analysis of the Mediterranean region with the purpose of highlighting the current political and socioeconomic situation and the future challenges and threats of this strategic area. (Read Geopolitical Report Vol.4/2018 “Mediterranean Sea: Current Trends and Challenges).

      Our first volume of the next year we will concentrate the attention on the Belt and Road Initiative, also known as the New Silk Road, its security issues, geopolitical trends, economic opportunities and investments. We believe that this project started by Beijing in 2013 might become successful only if all the actors involved in will realise and not underestimate the potential threats generating by commercial and human interconnection in the Eurasian and African continents (Read more: Call for Papers Geopolitical Report Vol.1/2019 “Belt and Road Initiative: Security Issues, Investment Opportunities and Geopolitics”).

        Official visit abroad

        In December our organisation visited Moscow region attending together with foreign and Russian experts, journalists and practitioners the Forum on Civil Society of the Russian Federation with the purpose to discover more about the role of the civil society in Russia. In three days our team met several representatives of the Russian civil society and media agencies: it was an opportunity to understand the level of freedom of speech and the respect of civil rights inside Russia. Also, we visited some economic activities in the Moscow region evaluating a network of companies and entrepreneurs very active after the EU economic sanctions (Read more: Russia, società civile e media).

        Thank you for your support,
        we look forward to working harder in 2019

        We continue to believe that we can change this world and contrast those problems which are affecting our society. Our commitment for the next year will be to improve our relations with foreign countries and partners focusing more on business, strategic communication, security and geopolitics. We hope you can be part of our projects and team and grow up together.

        Thanks for your support, collaboration and participation in our projects. Our team wish you again an enjoyable and prosperous 2019!


        *For further information about our organisation, events, activities, training courses and possible cooperation; it is possible to contact our staff at the e-mail info@asrie.org