ASRIE celebrates its 5th anniversary

Today the Association of Studies, Research, and Internationalization in Eurasia and Africa celebrates its 5th anniversary of activities.  During these five years, our organization has accomplished its mission to improve its network of partners and sponsor and promote the international relations between Italy and foreign countries.

All the member of our organization would like to express their gratitude to all our partners, sponsors and supporters who have helped ASRIE in its projects and activities. Among some achievements, it is possible to cite the organization of the OSINT & Geopolitics training course, the creation of our publicationGeopolitical Report and the participation and support to different events (conferences, seminars, workshops) in Italy and abroad.

We hope in the future to celebrate more years of projects and activities and to enhance our network of partners, supporters, analysts and sponsors in order to allow our followers to better know Eurasia and Africa and the developments in the fields of international relations, geopolitics and business.

For further information about our organization and possible cooperation, it is possible to contact our staff at the e-mail