4th edition Training Course in Open Source Intelligence & Geopolitics in Rome

On June 9th, 2018, the Association of Studies, Research and Internationalization in Eurasia and Africa organised the 4th edition of the training course in Open Source Intelligence & Geopolitics with the purpose of introducing the participants to the world of OSINT and improving their knowledge in the field of geopolitics, analysis and Intelligence. 

The course was divided into three thematic areas:

  1. Introduction to Intelligence. During the first phase of the training day the participants got acquainted with the world of Intelligence and deepened their knowledge in Open Source Intelligence and the job of the OSINT analyst. The instructors showed software and tools used by OSINT analysts and explained their functions, pro & cons and the efficient method to exploit them.
  2. Fundamentals of geopolitics. We taught the participant the fundamentals of geopolitics because in our organisation we believe that every analyst should have a strong background in this field and should know the different theories elaborated by Mahan, Mackinder, Spickman, Brezinski, Gazhev to better understand the world of international relations and its future developments.
  3. Case studies and practical exercises.  During this last phase the participant put into practice all the information, notions and knowledge learnt during the day. As final step before graduating from the course, the participants simulated the activities of an OSINT unit with the goal to produce a final report useful for the decision process.

Our organisation released to all the participants the certificate of the course and materials and software for those who want to continue their training experience and become experts in OSINT and geopolitics.

It is possible to contact our team to ask for more information about our specialisation and training courses writing an e-mail at our electronic address info@asrie.org. In addition, our organisation is able to organise specific training courses for private companies, public institutions and those people interested in Intelligence, security and geopolitics.