ASRIE published Geopolitical Report Vol.3/2018 “Geopolitics of Eurasia”

The Association of Studies, Research and Internationalization in Eurasia and Africa (ASRIE) published Geopolitical Report Vol.3/2018 titled “Geopolitics of Eurasia: international relations, security issues and economic projects” with the purpose of analysing the current trends in the field of geopolitics, international relations, security and economy of Eurasia. 

Italian and foreign scholars, analysts, researchers and journalists gave their contribution to the realisation of the third volume of our publication focusing their attention on regional dynamics and problems and studying specific case studies.

Why Eurasia? The entire Eurasian continent is a continuous landmass without any form of geographical separation which links Europe and Asia. Around 5 billion people (75 percent of the world population) live in this macro-region characterised by the significant presence of natural resources.

In the past scholars and experts such as Halford Mackinder, Nicholas Spykman and Zbigniew Brzezinski have stressed the fundamental role of Eurasia in the field of geopolitics and international relations. Thanks to the Belt and Road Initiative launched in 2013 by Beijing, nowadays the Eurasian continent again demonstrates its unique value.

The Chinese strategy ideated to link Europe and Asia depends on the stability and security of the Eurasian continent. Among the challenges for the complete success of the Belt and Road Initiative, there is terrorism connected to the rise of jihadist ideology, radicalism, ethnic conflicts and the vacuum of power in some specific regions. In the first part of this volume of Geopolitical Report, the authors have tried to present to the readers what are the main threats and challenges in Eurasia while in the second part particular attention was dedicated to those countries or regions considered among the most dangerous or unstable.

Even though it is not possible to cover all the aspects and problems of the Eurasian continent, our publication may be considered as an attempt to assess the current situation with the hope that in the future our organisation will be able to study and analyse every single aspect deeply.

It is possible to read and download the third volume of Geopolitical Report at the following link: “Geopolitics of Eurasia: international relations, security issues and economic projects“.

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