Our year in review

We at the Association of Studies, Research and Internationalization in Eurasia and Africa would like to celebrate the end of 2017 with all our friends, supporters and partners. We consider this year a success in terms of activities and projects, and we hope to continue and improve our work the next year and to enhance our cooperation with other partners.

We are still running our projects trying to create a network of partners in the field of diplomacy, international relations, business and education with the purpose of building a ‘bridge’ between Italy and foreign countries.

The year that is going to end soon began with a conference on the genesis and rise of the Islamic State organised in Laives in the North of Italy. During that meeting, our OSINT Unit Director underlined that the Islamic State is a geopolitical actor whose strategy has international repercussion.

Our training course in Open Source Intelligence & Geopolitics gained popularity and achieved outstanding success. When we started to organise the training in 2013, we tailored it for those people who actively wanted to become experts in the field of Open Source Intelligence. The mix between theory and practice is still the best formula, and for this reason, our training course might be considered at the top level in this field in Italy.

In the last quarter of 2017, we supported different conferences and research seminars organised in the Russian Federation thanks to our partnership with some local academic institutions and private organisations. We covered topics such as the importance of the Russian-Latin American relations, strategic communications and terrorism, and the evolution of EU-Russia confrontation.

One of the latest achievements was represented by the upgrade of our portal and Social Network profiles. Now our website publishes more articles, analysis, posts and reports in English with the aim of engaging more people abroad and realising a secure network of cooperation. In the future, we hope to have the possibility to produce articles and reports in different languages as Arabic, Spanish, French, and Russian.

In 2017 we have released four issues of our magazine Geopolitical Report, and we are going to start the next year with a new publication focused on Africa. At the same time, we have produced more than forty insights on geopolitics, business, security, defence, terrorism, international meetings, and culture.

We believe we can change this world and contrast those problems which are affecting our society. Our commitment for the next year will be to improve our relations with foreign countries and partners focusing more on business and geopolitics. We hope you can be part of our projects and team and grow up together.

Thanks for your support. Our team wish you again an enjoyable and prosperous 2018!