ASRIE supported the Seminar on security problems in Latin America organised in Moscow

On September 28th, 2017, the Institute of Contemporary International Problem of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of the Foreign Affairs hosted the Seminar “Questions about security in Latin America: challenges and perspectives” organised by the Institute of Contemporary International Problem of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of the Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the International Centre for Social and Political Studies and Consulting (ICSPSC) and the Russian – Latin American Strategic Studies Association (RLSSA)

ASRIE – Association of Studies, Research and Internationalization in Eurasia and Africa supported the seminar as a media partner with the aim of promoting the dialogue between Western, Latin American, and Russian scholars and experts in the field of international relations, conflict studies, peacebuilding, strategic communication, and geopolitics.

Professor Ernesto López (Argentina), director of the Institute of National Problems at the National University of Lanús, Bolivar Villareal (Ecuador), associate professor at the Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of RF and associate researcher of the ICSPSC, Professor Hector Luis St. Pierre (Brazil), Director of the Institute for Public Policy and International Relations at the State University of Sao Paulo “Julio Meshkita Filho”, Professor Sebastio Velasco y Cruz (Brazil), coordinator of the National Institute of Science and Technology, analysed and discussed the international order and the political perspectives in Latin America and South Atlantic, a macro area considered important because a future place of conflict and a region where mass communication could play a fundamental role in the field of security and psychological impact. Professor Evgeny Pashentsev (Russia), leading researcher at the Diplomatic Academy and director of the ICSPSC was the chair of the seminar and organised the presentations and the discussion (See the gallery of the event at this link).

On the attached photo from left to right: Professor Ernesto López (Argentina), Doctor Bolivar Villarreal (Ecuador), Professor Héctor Luis Saint-Pierre (Brazil), Professor Evgeny Pashentsev (Russia), Professor Sebastião Velasco e Cruz (Brazil)

During the Seminar, it was presented the Russian – Latin American Strategic Studies Association, founded in September 2017 thanks to the initiative and support of the ICSPSC, the Defense and International Security Studies Group (Gedes) from Sao Paulo State University (UNESP). The Association aims to promote the exchange of knowledge between the two regions, as well as stimulate reflection, academic production, and subsidies for decision-making.

Currently, the Association includes more than 30 researchers from Russia and five from Latin American countries; its rank and reputation is growing among scholars and experts in the field of international relations and geopolitics. Among the major areas of joint work are:

  • Theories of War and Peace;
  • Peace Studies;
  • Military History;
  • The strategic studies and their implications for the relations and cooperation between Latin America and Russia;
  • Relationship between politics and military power in Latin America and Russia;
  • Challenges and threats to the national and international security: joint interests and possible areas of collaboration between Russia and Latin American countries;
  • Military power potentials of Russia and Latin American countries;
  • Russia and its strategic influence area;
  • Strategic interests over Latin America and the conditions for strategic autonomy;
  • Conflict resolution and crisis management in Latin America and Russia;
  • Participation in Peace Missions and military interventions​;
  • Geopolitics Studies in Russia and Latin America;
  • Prospective models of social and political development for Latin America and Russia;
  • New military technologies and strategic autonomy in Russia and Latin America;
  • Strategic studies and Defense education in Latin America and Russia;
  • Intelligence in Russia and Latin America;
  • Analysis of Gender in the War and the Armed Forces;
  • Armed Forces, State and Society.

The Association is open to the participation not only of specialists from Russia and Latin America but also of other states since the vision of strategic aspects of the development of any nation and region always comes to the global level. The presentation of the Association will also take place during the sessions of the largest International Forum on the Problems of Iberoamerica which will be held in Saint Petersburg on October 2nd-4th, 2017.

* For more information about the activities and the research projects of ASRIE and the relations between the Latin America and the Russian Federation it is possible to contact our Association at the e-mail